Our services

We are a solution from start to finish in the documentary issues of companies

Auco is a Software that is responsible for simplifying the user experience by automating and reducing business processes from the creation and implementation of high-flow or generic documents, electronic and digital signatures with multiple identity validations, personalized mass mailings, storage and filing with Blockchain, collection of attachments, automated reminders and other features that provide traceability, security and speed in procedures

We are a 100% digital product that aims to reduce environmental pollution and save time and money

Creation of personalized documents

Create documents easily, quickly and safely with our technology

  • Sign them electronically

  • Co-creation of documents

  • More than 50 types of documents

Automation of documents

We automate your high-flow documents, integrating them with our technology, so that any member of your organization, client or associate can create them in a simple and agile way.

  • Upload any kind of document.

  • Merge multiple files into a single PDF.

Load and combine all kinds of documents for electronic signature.

Load external documents for electronic signature, locate the signature spaces and process documents in minutes.

  • Upload any kind of document.

  • Merge multiple files into a single PDF.


Process streamlining and automated reminders.

We take care of contacting the signers, approvers and witnesses to ensure the prompt signing of your documents thanks to our omnichannel approach.

  • Automated email and voicebot reminders.

  • Custom reminders.

  • Different payment gateways.

Digital signature and Electronic signature

We have a certified digital signature and/or electronic signature service, with multiple validations and a chronological stamp for your documents. You can request digital signature certificates when you need them.

  • Identity validations by OTP, photos and data collation.

  • GSE certified.


We easily integrate with your platform thanks to our API, this way you can count on the features and technology of Auco on your website.

  • White label, we wear your brand, your users never have to see Auco.


We deliver valuable information about each documentary and global process of your actions on the platform. Be clear about who has signed, seen and how they have interacted with your documents.

  • Generation of automated reports.

  • Information in real time.

Unlimited Blockchain storage.

Store your documents, whether created in Auco or uploaded externally, in our cloud protected by Blockchain and symmetric encryption.

  • Unmodifiable documents with high availability.

  • Secure storage and contingency plans.